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The Grace Project

Dear Friends

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Dear Friends, 2013 marks the 13th year since we heard the call to set up The Grace Project; we had no idea what the Lord had in mind for us as we “went out not knowing where we were going” all we knew was that we were to seek to plant a church by grace alone. 
Thanks in no small part to your participation, love, encouragement and ongoing financial support The Grace Project has, since its humble beginnings, where a handful of us huddled together on a Wednesday evening around the Bible with a bucket of KFC in a flat in West London, we’ve been able to not only plant churches here in London but have established a number of groups around the world.   
Today, in addition to building a local community, we recently took over the leadership of the International Gospel Church in NW London, we see our role as providing both support and a conceptual framework for others who want to take the spiritual journey from woundedness to oneness. 
Whether we’ll ever scale the giddy spiritual heights of our first church plant, Abundant Life Church in Chiswick, in our new community remains to be seen; back then it was a case of helping people find freedom from the law – today our emphasis has shifted from law and grace to the practical outworking of the indwelling life of Christ as expressed through our C.L.I.M.A.T.E. Changers agenda.  
Going forward we are committed to developing our network of relationships, especially, Grace Project Finland; Grace Project Brazil; The Promise Centre in Australia and The New Covenant Church in Malaysia.
New doors are opening for us here on radio, as regular guest on Premier Big Breakfast and overseas in China and Africa.  We’ll watch with the Father and wait for His promptings.
There are three new books in the works, including a second editions of The Bonsai Conspiracy and The Apprentice and final book in the Until Christ is Formed Trilogy which will have a lot to say about contemplative prayer as the pathway to oneness.   Paul chose this for the theme of his New Year’s message with a talk entitled “Make It Your Ambition”  - we hope you’ll enjoy it.
Safe and Sound has proved to be a useful tool for people beginning the journey into oneness and we have had very gratifying feedback on the Jesus that John Knew series that is available on You Tube.
And so the point of our letter is just to say “thank-you” for believing in us all these years and for demonstrating that belief in such tangible ways.  
We love and appreciate you …
Paul & Hayley  


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Discover who you really are?

The strap-line of The Grace Project - "Discover who you Really are" - suggests, we take the view that many, if not, most believers not only have yet to discover this truth but worse, in the absence of this awareness, they (we) are left to live out of our "own" resources with the inevitable consequences of burnout and disillusionment.