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The Grace Project

These men are not drunk as you suppose

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I recently watched a programme called "Faith Schools Menace" a documentary by Richard Dawkins (of The God Delusion infamy) the show, the first is his 'Age of Reason' series posited that faith education bamboozles parents and indoctrinates and divides children.   At the end of I found myself thinking that people, even Dawkins don't really reject Jesus, they can't because He is the light and the life of  all men even Dawkins.
He is in the heart, wooing them, loving them and enlightening them whether they know it or not.  What they reject is religion plain and simple.  So do I.  
I dare say that 'Christianity' (the flat-packed-absolutist-blind-literalist variety) has become the main obstacle to people ever discovering who they really are in Christ. 
It's hard not to have some sympathy with what he is saying.  I mean after all what reasonable man is going to be attracted to all our tutting and shoulding ?
Why would any reasonable person want to drink from our poisoned chalice of performance?  
Think about  it for a moment.  What does the honest and reasonable seeker hear from us?  Rather than being taught about God’s extravagant unconditional love and acceptance has is taught that God will love him ‘if…”  
Just for good measure let’s further suppose that our seeker never knew the love, acceptance and approval of his parents, how do you think that he will go about trying to be sure that God loves him?  He will work for His divine approval.  And the moment he does that he takes his first sip of religion, that intoxicating liquid makes the seeker tipsy on self-effort is sufficient to make him a self-righteous menace.  
A full glass and he becomes so delusional as to think that there is something he can for God to love him more and somethings that if he doesn't do God will love us less.     And he is plunged into the squalid world of religion.  A religion addict living for God;  A menace.  A God chaser.    
In a week in which Britain's most senior Catholic has accused the BBC of an "institutional bias"  against Christianity (Sunday Times, September 5, 2010) claiming that its radically secular and socially liberal outlook are tainting the corporation's current affairs output I'm left pondering our institutional-church blindness.  
It is not Dawkins' genius that has made philosophy so "utterly dominant that it is presumed to be the world view" it is our ignorance of God that has resulted in doing such a horrible job as Christians that we have become ministers of the simply irreconcilable instead of being ministers of reconciliation.  Little wonder that we've seen such a lurch toward philosophy if God is making his appeal through the church of the evangelical alchemists who have turned  the gold of grace into the rust of religion.

Oh that we would know the simplicity of grace and the love of God such that were we ever to find our selves in one of the Speakeasies of legalism we could say to the and say to the Pr. Skarface behind the bar "Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself!" 

It's time to empty the kegs and replace the vinegar of religion with the new wine of grace and then we will be able to turn to the Dawkins' of this world and say of the church: "These men are not drunk as you suppose."