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1. Latest Podcast
(Audio Messages - (resources)/ Living Under Grace )
Join Paul Anderson-Walsh as we start a new series on the book of Hebrews. | Bible Passage: Hebrews 1:1-14     Date: Sunday 6th September 2015 | Service: Sunday Morning | Hebrews---So-Great-A-Salvation ...
2. Safe and Sound
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... well known bible stories which creates a strong theme.  This is the first of three books, which I can strongly recommend to Christians looking to gain a greater breadth or indeed rekindle their faith, ...
3. Hyper Grace or Hyper-ventilating...?
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
...  This is the narrative of the world from which most of us have escaped - one in which Christianity is a sin management system and the bible is our compliance manual. In order not to be dragged back ...
4. New Book: Grace for Grown Ups
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... traditions.   I predict you will find yourself caught up in this book for two reasons. First, the truths Paul writes about are things you don’t hear everyday. He sees things in the Bible ...
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
New Year's REVELATION not RESOLUTION - 11 Jan 2014 Bible Buster and Paul Anderson-Walsh challenged us to change the way we view the new year and left us with what some Christians may call "controversial" ...
6. Premier Radio Big Breakfast Broadcast
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
Premier Radio Big Breakfast: Bible buster and Director of The Grace Project, PAUL ANDERSON WALSH, stopped by to help us think about our character. What do you think he said was the key trait ...
7. Our online identity vs the real you
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
In this digital age of Linkedin, Facebook and the like, is there a way to succeed in this world without an outward confidence and boasting of your abilities?    Bible buster and image ...
... were Malachi s comments addressed? Can you think of a verse in the Bible which addresses you, a Christian, as a child of Jacob? Under what Covenant was God speaking to Israel the Old or the New? Under ...
9. Done with doubt...
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
There cannot be a more emphatic declaration of assurance in the entire Bible than tthis: "Nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord."  The ...
10. Dear Friends
(About Us - (section)/About Us)
... since its humble beginnings, where a handful of us huddled together on a Wednesday evening around the Bible with a bucket of KFC in a flat in West London, we’ve been able to not only plant churches ...
11. Inerrancy...?
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Understanding Salvation)
Inerrancy?  Okay well at the risk of alienating just about everybody but in the spirit of non-concealment we really need to speak to the question of the Bible in your hand today. I know, I know.  ...
12. Paul Anderson-Walsh on Premier Radio Monday 13th August
(Grace on Air - (section)/Premier Christian Radio)
... everything?' This morning our resident 'Bible-Buster' is back in the hot seat for his popular monthly slot - PAUL ANDERSON WALSH will be looking at what the Bible says about competing and winning at all ...
13. Awe & Grace
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
... glory.   I kid you not in those heady days back in the Bible school I used to run in the late 90's the presence of God was literally exquisitely unbearable at times.  Worship sessions that ...
14. Waiting for God
(Audio Messages - (resources)/The Ministry of Jesus)
... of the flesh is to rush ahead, to go out in its own strength but the Bible teaches the blessedness of waiting. Until we realise that Christ is our life we can't do anything; once that revelation dawns ...
15. Freed from the Prison of Performance
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
... from a deep inner knowing of who we really are. The Bible alerts us to the possibility of a fifth intelligence, an intelligence that harnesses and leverages the four ‘intelligences’ – ...
16. Dark Sayings
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Devotionals)
... a proverb, and the interpretation; the words of the wise, and their dark sayings."  How delicious…!     Who'd have thought that the Bible contains dark sayings" what ...
17. Hope for the Hurting
(Grace Articles - (resources)/The Christian Life)
... on a simple premise: God is love.  Get that wrong and everything else is skewed.  It seems like our young person has been given the wrong premise about God.  The God of the Bible doesn’t ...
... succeeds in this because the book is supported by insights into his own life and upbringing interspersed with well known bible stories which creates a strong theme.  Order a Copy of the Book  ...
19. That Syncing Feeling …
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Understanding the Believer’s Union with Christ )
...       In the first place he does not see us as being separate from God or from one another that we are ONE is the axiom of the entire bible. Oneness with God and each other is what we ...
20. Dissonance Breeds DIssidents
(Grace Articles - (resources)/The Christian Life)
... oneness.   To realise our oneness we must do something other than simply read our Bible. For all the undoubted good that can do its just head knowledge.  I think we all know that knowledge ...
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