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1. A Time to Heal
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
  The Awakened Life  Join David Youngren and Paul Anderson-Walsh on their new weekly podocast and: 1. Re-discover who you are  2. Re-mind yourself of what you already know  ...
2. Turn Up The Love
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
For those of you who have been with us for some time you will know that as a ministry, we have a twofold focus: GRACE and LOVE.  We believe that the way of love leads inexorably to a way of life ...
3. Turning up the love
(Home - (section)/News & Updates)
... of life – a grace-filled life. But, as we have taught repeatedly, that life is not a life of self-effort, it is a life of effortless-effort; it is in fact the life of the Son of God, living in ...
4. Talk To Me Huffington Post
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... wish you knew when you were my age?   Q: Tell me the story of the happiest moment you've ever had?   Q: What is the hardest challenge you've faced in your life?   Q: What’s ...
5. LEADING WOMEN (A Woman’s Touch)
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... miraculous; the wayward woman who finds her way and opens our eyes to grace; the woman who was wasting a way who snatches life from the jaws of death and finally the woman who was overwhelmed by demons ...
6. Safe and Sound
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... either very strong or indeed waning faith understand the subject matter. Paul Anderson-Walsh succeeds in this because the book is supported by insights into his own life and upbringing interspersed with ...
7. Hyper Grace or Hyper-ventilating...?
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... for us to be concerned about - apparently.   I'm précising now, but it appears we should all be alarmed about a proliferation of what the author considers a pervasive teaching ...
8. Grace for Grown Ups - Storyboard
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... it is impossible for our roots to burrow down into life-giving soil, and just like a bonsai, every time we are ready to branch out we are pruned with the shears of legalism.   Having laid the ...
9. New Book: Grace for Grown Ups
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... grace. Grace For Grown Ups is one of those books we occasionally read in life that don’t just encourage us but actually changes us in important ways. I heartily commend it to you.   Darin ...
... mandate to grow a church by grace alone, Abundant Life Church and The Grace Project were born out of that vision. Fourteen years on and thinking that our church planting days were behind us, the Lord spoke ...
... IGC has a dual agenda to improve people’s spiritual well-being and improve the life chances of the residents in the community.  Why not join us and  find out what it means to be a C.L.I.M.A.T.E. ...
... for that movement of God’s Spirit.  Read and listen to it all carefully and prayerfully because if you take its contents to heart, you will likely find your own life being transformed in the ...
Paul Anderson-Walsh is an author, a broadcaster, inspirational speaker, partner in a learning & development  practice, an executive life coach, mentor, church leader and he is founder and director ...
14. An enduring journey
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
As soon you realise that all progress in the Christian life is predicated upon disillusionment with self-effort you'll discover that the Christian life is an enduring journey ‒Not a journey to ...
15. Toll Free...
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
... Christianity the toll road to heaven.      We have hi-jacked Jesus’ words and intent and adapted them to suit:  "Our church is the way and the truth and the life. ...
... to argue from silence that tithing was an axiom of the Christian life. Accordingly, I raise the following objections   The Levitical Priesthood belongs to the now obsolete Old Covenant; The ...
17. Putting God First (Premier Radio Big Breakfast)
(Grace on Air - (section)/Premier Christian Radio)
Premier Big Breakfast, Saturday  - 16 Mar 2013 [Podcast] Director of The Grace Project, Paul Anderson-Walsh, joined Dave & Nage to tell us how to let God take control of your life and ...
18. Law & Grace - Holeyness versus Holiness
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
Law & Grace - Holeyness versus Holiness: According to the holey logic it is the fear of losing their salvation that motivates believers to live a “holy” life?  It may ...
19. Unconditional ...!
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
...    Time to trade the monochrome misery of legalism and fear for the glorious living colour of grace and life...  ...
20. Law and Grace - Holeyness versus Holiness:
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
... holy life.  ...
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