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The Grace Project

Meet Paul for yourself and discover grace for yourself ...Safe and Sound Conferences


Why not book Paul to come and teach This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it is based his highly regarded book of the same title.    As one independent book reviewer put it:  "This books gives you an amazing insight and perspective in your walk with God.  If you would like to order a signed copy of the book e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  see Amazon book reviews

It takes you to where you should be as a Christian and how to get to where God wants you to be.  It frees your mind from wrong teachings and thinking and takes you on a journey of discovery from within from a personal view point of Paul's own life. It's scary to take a step of faith on the opposite direction from what you've known all your life.

The truth will set us free. I recommend this book which comes in a set of three to anyone who wants to grow in Christ." Paul is a good read but he's even better in person.  This is the first of three books, which I can strongly recommend to Christians looking to gain a greater breadth or indeed rekindle their faith, humanity and spirituality." 

Overview of Confenrence 


As a result of participating in this seminar delegates will possess the essential information to begin to address the question of spiritual well-being and be able to bridge the gap between the Christian world and the rest of society, and recognise that they may have unwittingly contributed to widening that gap over time.  The aim of the seminar is to propose an alternative view of the nature of God and those who follow his teachings
Session 1: The Three Stages
Delegates will understand both the characteristics and the importance of the three stages of spiritual development.  They will discover that these stages are non-negotiable and sequential. Delegates will be challenged to be content to be a beginner and really experience himself as one who knows little or nothing of His true self.
Sessions 2/3: The Nature of the Fixed-Lover
Delegates will be invited to engage with the core biblical texts dealing with the essential nature of God and asked to consider the implication of these attributes
Session 4: Safe and Sound
In light of the foregoing sessions, delegates will be asked to critically engage with the four irrefutable reasons why we cannot lose our salvation and hence they are “safe and sound”  Properly understood, this truth will build, self-esteem, self-image, self-identity and loosen the grip that the addiction to seek approval from others has on us all


Making a Booking 

If you'd like to book him to conduct a Safe and Sound Conference for your group or organisation contact and discover why another independent reviewer wrote: "This is a fascinating book about our relationship with God. Safe and Sound discusses popular misconceptions in an easy to identify manner which allows Christians of either very strong or indeed waning faith understand the subject matter. Paul Anderson-Walsh succeeds in this because the book is supported by insights into his own life and upbringing interspersed with well known bible stories which creates a strong theme. 

Order a Copy of the Book 
To order your copy of Safe and Sound click  or order a copy direct
Home Meet Paul for yourself and discover grace for yourself ...Safe and Sound Conferences

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Discover who you really are?

The strap-line of The Grace Project - "Discover who you Really are" - suggests, we take the view that many, if not, most believers not only have yet to discover this truth but worse, in the absence of this awareness, they (we) are left to live out of our "own" resources with the inevitable consequences of burnout and disillusionment.


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We cannot ignore the fact that there are a growing number of peo‑ ple who used to profess a faith and call themselves Christians but no longer do so. 


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