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New Book: Grace for Grown Ups


New Title: Grace for Grown Ups:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or visit the book store

Dr. Steve McVey's foreword: Paul Anderson-Walsh has done it again. As with his previous books, Grace For Grown Ups pulls the readers further into the depths of God's grace and into a clearer view of what it means to be our authentic selves in this world. Paul disarms numerous faulty doctrines the church has tightly held to by drawing our full focus back to Jesus Christ in such a way that inflames our faith and causes us to abandon ideas we’ve held that were really nothing more than empty traditions.

I predict you will find yourself caught up in this book for two reasons. First, the truths Paul writes about are things you don’t hear everyday. He sees things in the Bible that seem to have commonly been overlooked, based on the fact that they are seldom taught or even discussed. He pulls golden nuggets from the fertile ground of Scripture that have the ability to enrich us in profound ways.
Paul reminds me of the connoisseurs of fine dining meals who not only can prepare exquisite food but who also possess the ability to teach other aspiring chefs how to learn the perfect content and balance of ingredients that make the dish a delicacy. This book can help any short-order grace cook who takes heed become a chef. In other words, you will learn grace at a more mature level as you “taste and see that the Lord is good.”
The second reason you will find yourself captured is that Paul is a great communicator. Grace For Grown Ups is more accessible to a general audience that any of his books that preceded it. While Paul has masterfully written much through the years that stimulates the academic mind, this one obviously flows from the heart of his pastoral desire to help the reader experience personal growth in grace at a heart level.
Using simple language and compelling examples, he draws the reader into the core of what he wants us to understand here. You will connect to the spiritual importance of what happened when he lost his daughter, Francesca, in a throng of people. You'll nod your head in recognition when he describes his experience of being overcome before learning what it means to be an overcomer. You’ll laugh out loud when you read the story of his experience on the London tube with Big Mama as she bellowed out praises to the Lord, much to Paul’s embarrassment. Between the truths and the illustrations in these pages, you will find your mind and emotions engaging with Grace For Grown Ups. In short, you will connect to this book at many levels.
This is the second in a trilogy Paul will write about growing in grace. Bringing the reader from the child’s stage to the position of a teen, you will learn the differences between those who are immature in grace and those who are growing into the fullness of who they are in Jesus Christ. Even those who may have embraced the message of grace for some time will find themselves learning new things and rethinking other things they have already believed.
Paul Anderson-Walsh is not an echo but is a voice — a clarion voice inviting us to refuse to stay in one place and to choose to move forward in this journey of grace. Grace For Grown Ups is one of those books we occasionally read in life that don’t just encourage us but actually changes us in important ways. I heartily commend it to you.
Darin Hufford (best selling author of The Misunderstood God)
In my opinion Paul Anderson-Walsh has stepped into the centre of a raging, world wide spiritual reformation, and amidst its fire and chaos has brought simplicity, order, reason and clarity in his latest book, Grace for Grown Ups. It is no secret that the grace movement has exploded across the world, infiltrating and affecting nearly every Christian denomination to its very core. This book is for the Christian person who truly wants to grow in grace; if you want more out of the grace message than just a spiritual pain killer to be taken as needed, Grace for Grown Ups is a spiritual roadmap that will lead you to that end. Truly a masterpiece.
PODCAST | Premier Radio 11.04.15 | Grace For Grown Ups | Understanding the economy of grace. 
Home New Book: Grace for Grown Ups

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