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The Grace Project

Hyper Grace or Hyper-ventilating...?

I recently read what I can only describe as an intriguingly perverse article warning readers about the apparent dangers of what the author called "hyper grace."  There's a great deal for us to be concerned about - apparently.   I'm précising now, but it appears we should all be alarmed about a proliferation of what the author considers a pervasive teaching that emphasises the grace of God to the exclusion of other vital teachings such as repentance and confession of sin.  So what's the problem you may ask?  Well indeed, however, let's have a look at what it is they're exercised about. 
OBJECTION #1 Hyper-grace teachers maintain that all sin, past, present, and future, has already been forgiven, so there is no need for a believer to ever confess it. 
RESPONSE: The fault line in this argument is glaringly obvious but allow me to state it anyway:  Grace is not a topic, like one of many.  It is a paradigm; it is an economy or if you will it is a covenantal not a contractual relationship. Grace is a prism; the law is a prison. 
On this particular point the reason for the false alarm is that the author (and his sympathisers) rather than over-breathing (hyperventalation) they are under-realising the power of the cross, hence their constant panic attacks and permanent sense of anxiety.
These panic attacks (and attacks on those of us who don't panic) is due to the fact that they have relegated the vivifying gospel of the indwelling life of Christ to the impoverished notion that salvation is about getting our sins forgiven. It is not. Forgiveness of sin (something granted to all mankind whether our self-righteous friends like it or not or our unrighteous ones ask God for it or not) is preamble to salvation.
This is the narrative of the world from which most of us have escaped - one in which Christianity is a sin management system and the bible is our compliance manual.
In order not to be dragged back into that "hell" we must be careful not to confuse the legitimate need to confess our sins (something we ought to do) with our need to ask God to forgive our sins to God (something we need not do). 
As Christians we do confess our sins but, rather than ask (and keep on asking) God to forgive us we ought to thank Him that He'd forgiven our sins even before we had committed any.  It is the very realisation that we are forgiven that gives us the confidence to confess our sins. 

We'll have a look at some other 'concerns' in future articles. For now suffice to say - "it's finished."  You can breath easy.  

Home Hyper Grace or Hyper-ventilating...?

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