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The Grace Project

LEADING WOMEN (A Woman’s Touch)

 LEADING WOMEN - A Woman’s Touch - Women who were drawn into the mystery of the Gospel and led us there too....  

I’ve written the series in response to an increasing burden to reframe the role and contribution of women in the church today.  

In my professional practice I work with organisations who are genuinely seeking to be inclusive and in so doing address, amongst other things, gender bias. My observation,  is that I need to give more attention to my pastoral practice on this issue, becuase, sadly, gender bias is a theological rather that a social problem.  Solve the root cause and you’ll deal with the symptoms.

I hope you’ll enjoy the first four character studies from the gospel of Luke.  Meet the widow who widens our view of the miraculous; the wayward woman who finds her way and opens our eyes to grace; the woman who was wasting a way who snatches life from the jaws of death and finally the woman who was overwhelmed by demons who became over overcome by Jesus. 

The talks are available on both podcast and also our You Tube channel.
Part One:  A Broken Woman’s Story: Drawn Into The Mystery Of Resurrection – Now (Luke 7:11-17)  Here we meet the so-called Widow of Nain.  We will see through the eye of this woman that God restores and gives back to us all that we have lost.  The talk begins with a challenging short video inviting you to choose beautiful.  In a way that only God Himself could orchestrate, the talk was given on Mother’s Day, the day when we took Sr. Agnes to church. If you’ve read my book Safe and Sound, you’ll know that she is the nun who received me into the orphanage.
Part Two: A Woman Of No Reputation’s Story: Drawn Into The Mystery Of Forgiven-ness (Luke 7:36-49)  If the Widow of Nain was identified by her setback, the woman with the alabaster jar, introduced to us a a woman of the city who was a sinner, is known by her stigma.  Here we learn the timeless lesson of love and discover the true nature of the mystery which is that Jesus loves the last, the least and the lost.
Part Three: A Touching Story: Drawn Into The Mystery Of Re-Connection (Luke 8:40-48) We all have issues and may of us have gone to everyone except Jesus to resolve them or resolve ourselves to them.  Here we meet the woman with the issue of blood in two extraordinary healing stories we see not only does can he stop the flow of blood, He can make the blood flow again as is evidenced by the resurrection from the dead of Jarius’s daughter
Part Four:  Mary Magdalene’s Story: If there is one thing that I hope you’ll take from my Easter talk, it is that He truly makes all things new. In this short talk I’ll introduce you to one of the most extraordinary characters in the New Testament - Mary Magdalene. This is the last in the first season of my talks on women who were drawn into the mastery of Christ. What a mystery - what a Christ. Make sure you listen to Dave Bilbrough's song “make all things new” (on the Spotify link on our podcast page). Dave ministered to us as the end of the talk - it was for us all a time of resurrection. Enjoy.…/mary-magdalenes-story-woman-…/
LEADING WOMEN Premier Christian Radio’s Woman to Woman show
It was a genuine pleasure to be able to launch the first season in this new series on Premier Christian Radio’s Woman to Woman show,  If you’d like to hear the radio show you can find a link to the podcast here:
Home LEADING WOMEN (A Woman’s Touch)

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