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The Grace Project

Turn Up The Love

For those of you who have been with us for some time you will know that as a ministry, we have a twofold focus: GRACE and LOVE.  We believe that the way of love leads inexorably to a way of life – a grace-filled life.
But, as we have taught repeatedly, that life is not a life of self-effort, it is a life of effortless-effort; it is in fact the life of the Son of God, living in us, through us, and as us.  Hence (the humble rather than hubristic) description of ourselves as “CLIMATE Changers” which is an important acronym meaning: Christ Living In Me Alters The Environment.    So, and, let’s make sure that this is underlined in our minds, it is all about Jesus.  It is about all of Him doing all the work, for all of us, in all of us.   
At the beginning of the year I taught a series, entitled, Brilliant on Purpose, I did so because I wanted to spend time on thinking about our purpose and values. Typically Grace Communities focus on “The Who,” but in this series we concentrated on not just the who, but also the why and the way.   The way is about culture, i.e., the way we do things round here.  Our way is evidenced by our values, those deeply held beliefs that guide our actions. At IGC, we define our values as: 
•Everyone Matters
•Living Loved
•Priesthood of Believers 
•Social Justice 
Hence – “A Community of HELPERS.”    
This month I’ll be begin sharing some of these values by looking over the shoulder of Hebrews Chapter 13.  In addition, we have produced a small publication called - IGC: Inclusive Grace-Filled Community.  Take time to read and reflect on the values.  
A value is something you think is more important than anything else. But, values only have value when we live by them…  So long as we don’t lose sight of the fact that it is no longer I (we) who lives but Christ who lives in us then we’ll do more than just talk the grace talk we’ll walk the love walk.     Have a great month – changing the climate for good.


Home Turn Up The Love

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